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My Ross edit :)
Ross should use this as his next Twitter icon.

I’m scared that…

… i’m going to lose you very soon.
… i will cry my eyes out till there’s nothing left.
… i won’t be able to be happy anymore.
… when you’re gone life will suck.
… my heart will be broken into million pieces.
… i won’t be me anymore after this, just a body with no emotions.
But i know you don’t want that i become all of that. What you want is that i’ll be strong and be happy and still me. That i will enjoy life even if you’re not there anymore. I know you’ve always been proud of me just like i’m proud of you, how you’re being strong through this hole process and how you’re always survived this kind of things… and this time you will do the same. I don’t want to lose hope on you but when i lose it a bit i know it won’t hurt as much as when it just happens in a snap like i didn’t expect it…
This a some words that are running through my mind when i think of you.

It’s weird how something can change so fast….

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personal/vertical/love ♥

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I go to bed and wake up with a smile all because of you ♥




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Lucky thing were allies, right?”

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You make me smile, everyday everynight. Just always :)



You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out. And now right here right now. You can be beautiful, wonderful anything you wanna be. Little me - little mix



heaven, we hope is just up the road

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